Yog peb txoj kev npau suav; HMong Parents’ Knowledge, Support, and Confidence to Assist their Undergraduate Student

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Pa Her
Alberta Gloria


Through brief conversational interviews with 26 HMong parents (16 mothers and 10 fathers), this qualitative study examined their knowledge, support, and confidence in assisting their student in higher education. Using a multi-step qualitative approach, five meta-themes emerged: a desire or dream for the future, rau siab (hard work), specifics about schoolwork, help with everything, and advice or encouragement. This study’s findings added to a small, yet growing collection of literature based on HMong parents’ engagement in their child’s postsecondary education, with the findings aligning with and extending previous scholarship. In particular, the findings underscored the immense cultural influence and involvement that HMong parents have on their undergraduate students’ educational lives.

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Pa Her, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Doctoral student, Department of Counseling Psychology