Vol 2, No 3 (2017)

Journal of Family Diversity in Education

Table of Contents


Meeting, knowing, and affirming Spanish-speaking immigrant families through successful culturally responsive family engagement FULL TEXT PDF
María L. Gabriel, Kevin C. Roxas, Kent Becker 1-18
An Intervention to Support Teachers in Building on Children’s Home Literacy Backgrounds FULL TEXT PDF
Lilly Steiner, Christina Cassano 19-40
Parents’ Beliefs on Play in Preschool FULL TEXT PDF
Kristina Turk, Martha Lash 41-70

Perspectives on Practice

Becoming Critical Communities of Practice in Pre-Kindergarten FULL TEXT PDF
Melissa Sherfinski 71-93
A Population Overlooked: Building Caring Relationships Between Military Children and Teachers FULL TEXT PDF
Heather Haverback, Kathryn E. Bojczyk 94-103

Book Reviews

Lolagul Raimbekova, Ilfa Zhulamanova 104-107

ISSN: 2325-6389