Focus and Scope for JFDE

The JFDE is hosted by the Institute for Community Justice and Wellbeing (ICJW) at Miami University’s College of Education, Health & Society. In order to enact the mission of the ICJW to cultivate mutually beneficial, ethical, and transformative relationships among  diverse community allies, this journal offers a rigorous exchange of new ideas, pedagogy, curricula, and activism in and around education endeavors.

The JFDE is committed to decolonizing and disrupting oppressive, deficit and racist ideologies by focusing on work that prioritizes  schools, families, communities, scholars, and activists  seeking to establish liberatory and humanized spaces.

The JFDE commits to:

  • Featuring critical scholarship and the voices, experiences, and liberatory acts of historically marginalized families and communities with an emphasis on issues and concerns that impact the educational experiences of educators, students, families, and 
  • communities (i.e. anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies,  racialized [i.e., anti-blackness] discipline and policing practices, housing insecurities, etc.) 
  • Creating and sustaining a JFDE leadership model that is inclusive of critically engaged, diverse scholars and community stakeholders. 
  • Supporting educators, community stakeholders, organizers, scholar activists and public scholarship by publishing and promoting timely work that advances social justice agendas.
  • Offering a peer review process that is rigorous, transparent, and honors community voice. 

We are pleased to offer a fully refereed, online journal that welcomes a wide range of  innovative theoretical approaches. To support public scholarship, we are committed to providing accessible multimodal content. We encourage diverse scholarly and community contributions including research articles, podcasts, digital stories, essays and interviews, practitioner and community perspectives on practice, book and media reviews, and other interdisciplinary forms of scholarship or creative works.

History of JFDE

The JFDE was started in 2014 by the Family Diversity Education Council.  Under the leadership of the founding editors Dr. Tammy Turner-Vorbeck and Dr. Monica Miller Marsh the journal was initially hosted at Kent State University.

The founding editors developed the JFDE to honor those whose work attempted to shine light upon and oppose limited, hegemonic conceptions of families, particularly in the domain of family-school-community partnerships.  The journal provided a much needed outlet for scholars and practitioners working to analyze, critique, and redefine notions of family and the resultant implications for those partnerships.

The current editorial team seeks to carry on this legacy and commits to furthering this mission as outlined above in the focus and scope of the journal.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.