The JFDE is hosted by the Institute for Community Justice and Wellbeing (ICJW) at Miami University’s College of Education, Health & Society. In order to enact the mission of the ICJW to cultivate mutually beneficial, ethical, and transformative relationships among diverse community allies, this journal offers a rigorous exchange of new ideas, pedagogy, curricula, and activism in and around education endeavors.

The JFDE is committed to decolonizing and disrupting oppressive, deficit and racist ideologies by focusing on work that prioritizes schools, families, communities, scholars, and activists seeking to establish liberatory and humanized spaces.


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JFDE New Issue (Summer 2022)


We are excited to announce the release of a new JFDE issue. The summer 2022 issue of JFDE features scholarship that illuminates the education experiences of several different historically marginalized communities and expands scholarly boundaries in multiple important ways. In this issue, we are also pleased to introduce a new feature, “Community Conversations,” that seeks to make good on our editorial commitment to support “educators, community stakeholders, organizers, scholar-activists and public scholarship by publishing and promoting timely work that advances social justice agendas.” Our first community conversation involved critical scholars and activists discussing the impact antiLGBTQ+ policies are having on students, teachers, and building leaders. We hope that after reading and gaining critical insights on the implications these anti-LGBTQ+ policies have on schools and the implications of the various topics discussed in the collection of articles featured in this issue, readers will feel compelled to act or to continue in their activism or advocacy work.


Vol. 5 No. 1 (2022): JFDE Summer

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