Understanding the Progression and Impact of Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation: A Community Conversation

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Bryan J. Duarte
Janice Kroeger
Alonso R. Reyna Rivarola
Stephen Russell
Sarah Simi Cohen


What follows is a transcript of the first such community conversation focused on the recent progression of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. During the 2021-22 legislative session at least 15 states have considered or passed bills that would affect ways of discussing, addressing, or interacting with LGBTQ+ youth in schools. This legislation includes prohibitions of curriculum and instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity for students in kindergarten through 8th grade, prohibitions against school personnel providing gender-affirming care, requirements for parental consent for club participation (including LGBTQ+ clubs), requirements for parental consent regarding pronoun usage, the banning of books with LGBTQ+ themes in schools and libraries, and protections for teachers who refuse to use a student’s pronoun that is different from their sex at birth. Our conversation focused on understanding the evolution of these types of policies and the potential impact on students, families, teachers, and school leaders.

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