Exploring Parent-Teacher Partnerships as Border Pedagogy: Supporting Emergent Bilingual Student Learning

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Sandra Mercuri


Abstract: As a bilingual teacher educator in the U.S. working with in-service teachers serving predominantly bilingual students from U.S. and Mexico, this study is uniquely positioned to use innovative research in bilingual teacher education for empowering teachers to develop culturally and linguistically responsive border pedagogies.  Specifically, this study explores parent-teacher partnerships as border pedagogy that supports emergent bilingual student teaching and learning. Aimed at disrupting traditional modes of research and practice grounded in monolingualism, this qualitative critical study uses the concept of border pedagogy as a theoretical framework to explore how 16 bilingual in-service teachers enrolled in a master’s program, engaged in parent-teacher partnerships that supported bilingual and bicultural teaching and learning at the US-Mexico border. 

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Sandra Mercuri, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Bio: Sandra Mercuri is an Associate Professor in the Department of Language, Literacy and Learning at The University of Texas, Brownsville. She teaches courses in bilingual education and biliteracy at the graduate and doctoral levels. Her research interests include development of academic language across the content areas, the role of language in the development of scientific literacy and the effect of long-term professional development for teachers on second language acquisition and bilingualism, dual language education, teacher training and ESL strategies. She has published articles in TESOL Quarterly, Talking Points, EJLTS and the NABE. She has authored the book, Supporting Literacy Through Science and co-authored the books, Closing the Achievement Gap and Dual Language Essentials.